Lots of people always ask me  “Why read? Why not just watch the film, show, go to partys? Why? Why Read?” Well, let me tell you. Words, words are so powerful, they have the ability to make you fall in or out of love with imaginary people, they make you cry they make you laugh, they inspire, but aren’t they just words? At the end of the day, books are art, they are something that takes you from one place and to another.

I will always read, always carry a book around with me, forever lost in my own Little Fantasy Land

So, I’ll post about books here, good ones, bad ones, one I’ve just bought and can’t wait to devour. I hope you’ll join me on that journey, my journey through printed pages. I don’t know what’ll write, because I don’t know where my story ends. But, if you read along, we’ll share this adventure together.

Thank you for reading, thank you for going to another world for me. Stay unique.


Contact me ;

• littlefantasyland@yahoo.com

•Instagram @littlefantasyland

•Twitter @lfantasyland

• Member of the Oftomes street team

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