Spring Book Haul

To treat myself during exams and my reading slump, I decided to buy some new books that I am super hyped to read.

  1. As I write this, my copy of A Court of Wings and Ruin has just arrived. That sentence alone gives me goosebumps. ACOTAR (book 1) was my favourite book of 2015, ACOMAF (book 2) was my favourite book of 2016. I have high hopes for book 3. ACOWAR is the final instalment and follows Feyre as she tries to save everyone she loves. I can’t say anymore without spoiling, but you need to read these books. Seriously. Do it.
  2. Strange the Dreamer; having the amazing opportunity to speak to Laini Taylor, I decided to grab a copy of her latest novel. This book follows the life of Lazlo Strange, an orphan and librarian who is fascinated by the mythical lost city of Weep. In a land where the dream chooses the dreamer, Lazlo is faced with a choice – grab onto his dream with both hands, or turn away from it. Knowing how amazing Laini Taylor’s writing style is, I cannot wait to dive into this stunning book.
  3. Heartless; this book was supposed to be in my Christmas haul but it never turned up, so, u decided to take a train to my local bookstore and pick up my own copy. My Marissa Meyer, this book follows Catherine, a baker in Wonderland. Just knowing that this book has connections to Alice and Wonderland was enough to intrigue me to purchase it. I don’t want to know too much about it as I want to go into it with an open mind, but the hype for this book on social media is unreal.
  4. The Scarecrow Queen; this is one of my most anticipated releases of 2017 and I am so grateful to finally have my hands on it. This is the third and final instalment in the Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy, written by Melinda Salisbury, and I cannot wait to find out how it ends. The first book didn’t blow me away, but the second one was amazing. Each book follows different characters who all link together, and with a battle looming, Lormere and Tregellan are under threat.
  5. Caraval; how could I not buy this book when there’s so much hype and it looks so beautiful. All I know is that there’s magic, mystery, and a show with audience interaction. What more could I want?
  6. This last one isn’t really a book, but I managed to get a hold of two Lord of the Shadow’s teasers which was really cool.

And that’s my spring haul. Thank you so much for reading. Comment down below what’s been your most exciting book to haul this spring!

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4 thoughts on “Spring Book Haul

  1. Did you order The Scarecrow Queen from Book Depository? That’s how I got my copy, though now they will be releasing it in the US in September.
    Unless you’re not in the US? Then it would be easy I guess to get it!

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