Fictional Jobs I Want to Have – Top5Wednesday

Last month, I discovered that trying to come up with two blog post ideas a week and write them up in time is a lot harder than I thought, especially since I try to work this schedule around my school work, college, job, writing my first novel, reading and spending time with family and friends. It becomes very stressful. So, to find some inspiration I have decided to join Top 5 Wednesday. This  is a Goodreads group created by gingerreadslainey and every Wednesday you post about the given topic. Sounds good right? So, without further rambling, let’s begin first ever Top 5 Wednesday.

Fictional Jobs You’d Want to Have.
1 – Shadowhunter

This was an obvious answer for me, ever since I started City of Bones years ago, I wanted to fight alongside Jace Herondale and Isabelle Lightwood. I’d love to draw runes on myself, live in the institute and fight demons.

2 – Hearttender – Grisha

Having a strong connection to Nina from Six of Crows, I thought it would be awesome to work with her for a day. Heartrenders are Grisha of the Corporalki order. They can use their power to damage a person’s internal organs such as snatching the air from their lungs. The target must be in their line of sight. They are feared by other Grisha and considered the most valuable soldiers.

3 –  Windwtich

When I was reading Truthwitch, I loved the ability the windwitches have, to be able to manipulate the subtlest breeze into a storm sounds so interesting and I’d love to give it a shot!

4 – A member of the scarlet guard

I’d love to work with the Scarlet Guard from the Red Queen series and fight for equal rights for reds and silvers. Everyone should be treated equally.

5 – Guard in Queen of the Tearling

Okay, so pretty much all of my answers are random, but I love all the close guards in this series. It would be so cool so spend time working with Mace and Pen.

There you have it, my first Top 5 Wednesday. That was a lot harder than I thought but I really enjoyed it. Let me know what your answers would be in the comments below

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