Mystery Blogger Awards

Recently, I had the pleasure to be tagged not once, but twice, for the Mystery Blogger Award! This award was created by Okoto Engima. I have decided to combine the two awards together in one post. I hope you enjoy.


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Three Facts About Myself

1.       I started this blog in April 2016 and haven’t told anyone about it. It’s a secret…

2.      I am the only one out of my whole year at high school that reads for fun.

3.      I don’t like contemporary books.


Firstly, I was tagged by abookblogsite and their questions for me were;

1.       If you could be any book character, who would you want to be?

2.      What book are you planning to buy next?

3.      What is your favourite reading spot?

4.      Which character would you choose to be your boy-/girlfriend?

5.      What is the most times you’re read one book?

6.      RANDOM: Do you think that superheroes should wear a cloak?


(1)    This is such a difficult question because I love so many characters. I think I’d chose Feyre so I could spend some time in the gorgeous Night Court and the Inner Circle, because, you’ve got to admit it, who wouldn’t want to be best friend with Rhysand, Cassian, Mor, Azriel and Armen?

(2)   I’ve had my eye on Captive Prince for a while, because everyone – bookworms and authors – seem to raving about it.

(3)   I usually read in bed, but sometimes, when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll read in the living room.

(4)   So. Many. Characters. Probably any male Sarah J Maas character from both Throne of Glass and A Court of Thrones and Roses (minus Tamlim, etc) Oh, and Noah Shaw from Mara Dyer, and Matthias from Six of Crows, and the Darkling from Shadow and Bone. Orion from Starcrossed. Magiano from The Rose Society. William Herondale from The Infernal Devices – wait? Was I only supposed to pick one? Oops.

(5)   I don’t tend to re-read books because I’m always craving the next installment or a new release, but I did reread the whole Mortal Instruments series for the release of City of Heavenly Fire.

(6)   Well I think Doctor Strange looks very good in his cloak. However, it’s not necessary, anyone can become a hero in their own way.  


Next, I was Tagged by booksandtealeaves and their questions for me were;

1.       Who is your favorite villain -book, film or both – and why? What makes them a good villain? Why do they resonate with you?

2.       What is currently playing on your ipod? Why do you like it?

3.       Who is your favorite character from J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World and why? What makes them your favorite character? Why do they resonate with you?

4.       Would you considering writing either a novel, short story, poem or article? Why or why not?

5.       What were you top five reads of 2016? Who would you recommend them for?

6.       A random fact that we might not know about yourself?


(1)    Adelina from The Young Elites, becomes the villain. Her journey, her suffering , her vengeance, her faults, make her so interesting. You root for her, because you love her, even though she is doing wrong. She wants justice, wants to punish those who punished her, and you want her to get that satisfaction, but at the end of the day, hurting people is wrong. I love her character, I really do.

(2)   I’m always listening to Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Imagine Dragons and Muse.

(3)   Recently I read Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. I love Newt, I relate to his awkwardness and his admiration for his creatures. I found him really interesting and I can’t wait to find out what will happen to him next.

(4)   One of my dreams is to become a bestselling author. I’ve already got plans for book one but I struggle to find the time to write – I’m a busy girl. I optimistic I’ll get some done this summer. I want to create characters people love and hate, a world people will get lost in. My own Little Fantasy Land.

(5)   ACOMAF, Crooked Kingdom, Mara Dyer, Half Wild and Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I recommend them to all fantasy readers.

(6)   I really like old fashioned cars.


My Questions for you;

1.       Do you prefer books in first or third person?

2.      What attracts you to a character?

3.      What are your thoughts on love triangles and instant love?

4.      Favourite book cover? What is it you like about it?

5.      If you could make reading any series compulsory, which series would you chose?

6.      RANDOM; what is your favourite season and why?

I tag;











Thank you so much for the award!

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Little Fantasy Land

13 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Awards

  1. The fact that you’re the only one in your high school class that reads for fun is crazy! And I read in bed a lot of the times too, my bed is in the corner so it makes it like a cozy corner.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your answers! 🙂 I haven’t actually read the Young Elites yet but it is on my TBR so I’ll have to get to it soon. But great answers for the book boyfriend/girlfriend – there is no way I’d ever be able to try and pick just one haha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not really a fan of contemporary either! I will read them, but they need to have some grit to it. I can’t deal with ones that are straight up summer-y romances haha. I loooove Halsey!!

    Thanks so much for the nomination 😀 I’ve done this one already, but I appreciate the thought so much ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Doctor Strange not only looks good in a cloak, but the cloak helps him when he’s fighting as well, so it’s not just a useless piece of fabric. I also love classic cars. I tell my parents that I won’t accept any car unless it’s a classic. I can’t believe you’re the only person in your year that reads for fun! 0.0

    Liked by 1 person

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