Melody’s Key – Spoiler Free Review

I received this book free in exchange for a review from the author – Thank you Dallas! Your email made my day.

Melody’s Key is a really well written and enjoyable romance. It’s funny, sad, tense and just an all-round enjoyable read that deserves a lot more credit. The author wrote the songs in this book, which can be seen on his YouTube channel here. If you’re looking for something to curl up and relax with, this book is perfect for you.

My note taking for this book contained many scribbles like ‘oh steamy’. ‘tense’. And ‘Whoops I forgot to take notes because I was enjoying it so much.’ So here goes nothing. This will also be spoiler free, so don’t worry if you have not read the novel yet – but you should!

Melody’s Key is set in England and follows the story of Tegan Lockwood. She is a young, talented woman who lives with her family and helps run their business Lockwood Holidays, where they host match making breaks for singles, LGBT and elders.

“Hope is the only thing that can’t be taken away from you unless you allow it.”

Tegan Lockwood is a night owl, 2am song writer who gave up her Art Scholarship in NYC to help her family as they struggle with the heavy weight of financial debts. Tegan also struggles with opening up to people, with horrific past experiences preventing her from trusting or loving another man again. This begins to change, however, when Mason Keane – a famous music popstar – moves in with her family during summer, to get a break from his hectic life of fans and fame.

I was so glad that I enjoyed this, because I hate writing bad reviews for authors who personally send me things. Romance is not a genre I usually read, but this was a beautiful and refreshing break from my usual dark fantasy with blood, death and gore. The descriptions from the author were really striking, making me feel as though I was right there, in the Gardens of the Lockwood estate with Tegan. Coryell is good at writing tense scenes, especially the pub scene early on with Tegan and her gay best friend Simon. The descriptions, the dialogue were so good that I got submerged in the action. And the massage scene . . . talk about tense.

One of the things that really stood out for me was Tegan’s relationship with her family. I love her relationship with Ryleigh and how they could be open and honest with each other, as well as the ongoing sibling prank war.

Tegan is – thank goodness – not a love-sick puppy who wants to be in a relationship with every guy she sees. Her relationship with characters builds because she spends time developing with them, which is really realistic and enjoyable to read. It also helps with the experience; you feel as though you are right there with her on her personal journey.

“I need someone that wants to know what my dreams are.”

Mason is portrayed by the media as one thing but is another in real life. I love how he is a good guy and didn’t push Tegan. I took so many notes about certain scenes I loved with him in them– their first encounter, opening up in the forest, pancake scene, beach scene, bar scene, planetarium scene, basically every scene. He’s a really interesting character.

“It always made her feel better. It was a tangible connection to her safe place – a symbolic representation of love, faith and everything she hoped was in store for her someday.”

Why is the title Melody’s Key? Well, Tegan Melody Lockwood wears a key around her neck that opens an ancient box of love letters that she reads religiously. The letters were probably one of my favourite aspects to this book because they were so beautifully written.

“In my darkest moments I curse the stars.” – beautifully tragic. Also, my favourite quote.

If I must give criticism, I have to admit that the whole Simon situation confuses me. His character didn’t really have an arc as we didn’t see a solution to his problems which disappointed me. The ending was quite drawn out, and all the directions got me a little lost, which lead to me getting impatient.  Oh, and the cover, but we don’t judge books on the cover, right? I mean, it says so in this book so I suppose I’ll let it slide…

Overall, I’m going to give Melody’s Key ★★★★ . I recommend giving this one a read, it’s so much fun.

I hope you enjoyed this review, it was so difficult to write without spoilers!

Huge thanks again to Dallas for sending me his book, please write more!

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Happy Reading

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