Stalking Jack the Ripper

Fancy a READ-A-LONG? Of course you do! A Stalking Jack the Ripper read a long has been put together by Sabrina (Book blogger over at Beyond the Book Reviews), Ava (Book blogger over at Bookishness and Tea) and Kerri the author herself.

The read along will commence on October 17th and will end the following week on the 28th. The chapters have been broken down so that it is easier to progress with the read along, however by all means you can read Stalking Jack the Ripper at whatever pace you wish.
• October 18th Chapters 1-4 thoughts ~Ava( Zee( and Booknut(

• October 20th Chapters 5-9 thoughts~ Sabrina Tam( Nicole’s Novel Reads(

• October 22nd Chapters 10-14 thoughts~ Nicole (

• October 24th Chapters 15-19 thoughts ~ Irene(

• October 26th Chapters 20-24 thoughts~ Sabrina (

• October 28th Chapters 25-end~ Jordan( Nishawell (
To celebrate the end of the read along Sabrina (@Splintered_Luv) will be hosting a twitter chat to not only to discuss some non spoiler questions we may have for the author about the book, but also just to chat amongst the fans of SJTR.


If you as a reader cannot wait to begin chatting about the book, fear not! There is a Stalking Jack the Ripper read along Goodreads group with discussion threads for each of the chapter segments. Be for warned, these are discussion threads so everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also this group discussion is to talk about the opinions of the book and not to attack the author personally. That can be found here
Sounds good doesn’t it? Make sure to join in on the 18th! Happy reading

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