Coming Soon : Initiate by Laura L. Fox

Follow Riga on a journey in search for nothing but the truth. Passionate and determined, she teams up with her best friend Mynta and the intelligent Rhys to solve the mystery of the Initiate.

Under the sea and surrounded by ice, The Tunnel acts as an underground arc – a safe haven for both humans and animals who can no longer live on the surface for fear of exposure.

Living with a biologist, work addicted mother, Riga decides to risk everything and find out why no one will tell her the truth and what her mother is hiding from her.

When Mynta is attacked after a whale sighting, she grows distant in the hope to keep Riga and her own family safe. Taking it upon herself to go to the very edge of The Tunnel to discover the Initiates secretes, Riga will stop at nothing to find the truth. However, the answers she’s searching for might just be the ones she doesn’t want to hear…

Sound like something you’ll want to read? Oftomes Publishing brings Initiate to you on the 15th of November 2016, where you’ll find it at Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Nobles and The Book Depository.

Note ; Initiate Review will be uploaded Wednesday 12th October 2016


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