Totally Should’ve Book Tag

This is a series of questions based on bookish things that you think totally should’ve happened. There are my answers…enjoy!
1- Totally should’ve gotten a sequel!
The Death Code, by Lindsay Cummings – I want to know what is going to happen next, what the events of the first two books will lead to. That book has such a sudden, open ending and I crave more!

2- Totally should’ve had a spin off series!
For this one, I’m going to choose The Hunger Games, not for the obvious ‘I need more Katniss x Peeta’ or anything like that, but because I want to see how it all began. I want to read about how the world was created, what the first games were like, who were the first ever tributes mentor – think about, mentors and previous winners, but if no one won before who would do it?

3- An author who totally should write more books!
Virginia Bergin! I loved her series ‘The Rain’ and I really, really hope she brings out more books in the future!

4- A character who should’ve ended up with someone else!
This questions screams ‘spoilers!’ so I’m just going to give the book title – Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. Enough said.

5- Totally should’ve ended differently!
Again, the book I’m choosing for this only came out in May, so I’m just going to leave the title – The Last Star, By Rick Yancey.

6- Totally should’ve had a movie franchise!
There are so many books I’d like to see adapted into movies, The Infernal Devices, The Young Elites, The Awakened and many more!

7- Totally should’ve had a TV show!
The Gone series defiantly deserves a TV series. I know from following the author, Michael Grant, on twitter, that he is always trying to get a show going, and the fans – myself included – would love to see this happen.

8- Totally Should’ve only had one point of view!
This is a tough question. I can’t pick one book in particular because I believe that most books I’ve read that have multiple points of views are necessary to tell the story. However, saying that, there is always a few books that are told by a handful of perspectives that have that one perspective that makes me want to skip pages or put the book down. These would have to be The Enemy, by Charlie Higson and The 5th Wave, By Rick Yancey.

9- Totally should’ve had a cover change!
I don’t have an answer for this one, I like all the book covers on my shelf!

10- Totally should’ve kept the original covers!
The Hunger Games. The covers I dislike aren’t the newest, but they are luminous and pink. The Hunger Games doesn’t strike me as a colourful, bright pink book. It’s not that cheerful.

11- Totally should’ve stopped at book one!
For this last question, I choose Kissed by An Angel, by Elizabeth Chandler. This book was 698 pages long, and despite not being my favourite novel, it read as a stand-alone. In fairness, I haven’t read the sequel because I don’t feel like it’s necessary for the story and I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book. Besides, the sequel is only 288 pages long, seems like a short story compared to the first giant book!

Well that’s my thoughts and opinions on the Totally Should’ve booktag! Hope you enjoyed and make sure to comment any answers down below. Also if you want to do this tag feel free!

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