The Awakened – Book Talk

‘The Awakened’ by Sara Elizabeth Santana, follows the life of Zoey Valentine, an eighteen year old girl, as her life changes for the worst. One day a virus wipes out masses of the population, the next she’s on the run with only her father and irritating Ash Mathews. From no electricity to bombed cities, Zoey faces the deadly awakened – resurrected corpses that are fast, intelligent and above all, sinister.
This world is confidently built up by Santana as her protagonist goes from an ‘average’ teenage girl to a badass fighter. The character development is breathtaking and the tension between Zoey and the attractive athlete Ash left me both smirking, flustered and frustrated.

It’s not always possible for me to have a very strong connection with fictional characters, but I felt so attached to the character Zoey. I laughed when she did, sighed when she did, even cried! – something which is rare for me to do whilst reading.
What I particularly adored was the realistic element of the story; the fear that the strong characters had, the female monthly cycle in the middle of a disaster, the relationship Zoey had with her family and the whispered anxiety before taking that next step with your love.
This book is everything I was looking for, I fell into this novel and didn’t resurface until I’d finished, a real page turner! I’m so pleased that I picked it up and read it!

I read this in the first week of January – it’s now August and I’m still in love with it!
If your looking for something with strong willed characters, a blooming romance, frightful monsters, then this read is perfect for you!
I really hope you pick this up and fall in love with it as much as I have. Go on, I dare you.

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