Dorothy Must Die – Critical Review

I’ve been debating with myself for someone now as to if I should post this or not, but I’ve decided that I created this blog to share my thoughts and feels on books I’ve read, so here goes nothing …

Disclaimer – this is a critical review based on my opinion alone. I am , in no way, insulting Danielle Paige, who is a very successful and loved writer. I respect her work and hopefully, you too, will respect my opinion. Thank you.

“Never underestimate a girl from Kansas”

Unpopular Amy Gum is swept into a tornado with nothing but her pet rat. Rescued by Pete, a mysterious magic boy, Amy Gum travels through the ruins of Oz where she realised that the once beautiful land is ruined and run by none other than Dorothy. The other girl from oz soon realised that there is no one to trust, and only one thing for her to do. Kill Princess Dorothy.

I went into this novel with really high expectations, I’d seen lots of buzz about Dorothy must die on social media and when I grabbed my own copy I was instantly captivated by the blurb. However, when I began to read it, I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed. The vibe I got from the blurb was that it was going to be intense training with badass missions and page gripping twists. It wasn’t.

Overall, the plot was OK but I couldn’t help but thinking that it could’ve been improved in places. There was times were I thought ‘yes, now it’s going to get good’ but then after a few pages I was left when yet another anti climax.
Saying that, I did not see the Pete twist at the end which I though was really cleaver.
I feel like if there were a few tweaks now and then it could have been much more captivating, and I think that’s the issue with this read. If it was captivating from the start, I would have enjoyed it more as a whole.

Amy Gum
In all honesty, I really did wan’t to like Amy’s character but she left me frustrated. She hardly thought of her mother for ages, I mean yeah she was a bad parent, but wouldn’t her thoughts wander over to her only family member? Wouldn’t she want to know how she was after the tornado ? This issue was delt with later on, but it would have felt more natural to have that sooner.
Amy was also really accepting to the idea that she was in OZ – which is great because it shows that she’s strong but it was very unrealistic. I’m certain if someone was transported there, they would be freaked out!

I liked Dorothy’s character, which I shouldn’t, but I did. I found her really interesting at places , but most of the time, her character just didn’t feel right. It’s hard to explain, but there were points where it just didn’t work out for me.

Nox was a very mysterious character , and I enjoyed reading about him. I would have liked to have seen more of him throughout.

Like Nox, there were lots of minor characters which I really enjoyed reading about hoped to see more of.

Despite the criticism given, I have to admire Danielle Paige’s world building which was crystal clear from start to finish, allowing me to envision the world folding out in front of me!

Favourite Quote : “No matter how tough you think you are, there are certain things that just get to you, and they’re usually the little things. The ones you don’t expect.”

Characters ★★
Plot ★★
Cover ★★★

Overall ★★


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