Wolf By Wolf : Review

“Her-self-reflect was no reflection at all. It was a shattered mirror. Something she had to piece together, over and over again. Memory by memory. Loss by loss. Wolf by wolf.”



Wolf by wolf is a novel set in 1956 during Hilters time ruling Germany. Graudin takes the most feared idea in history and turns it into a reality. No one is safe, especially if you do not look like the aryan  race.

As a display of talent, the finest racers from Germany and Japan will compete against each other for the silver cross , where the winner will attend a ball, where Hilter himself shall congratulate you.

But it’s not as simply as it sounds. Adele Wolfe is the only contestant he’s ever danced with, the only female to ever have won. It’s time for the resistance to initiate their final plan. Assassinate Hitler. But they need an Adele look a like to do it.


Review ;

“The world was not just moving. It was alive.
And it was ready to fight.”

I was really intrigued by the idea of this book which is why I purchased it, even though historical fiction is not my usual genre.
The characters – Yeal/Adele/Luka and others – were really well developed and came to life on the pages.
What I particularly liked, was the skinshifting idea. The face that Yael can change into any woman she sees allows her to hide, survive, and take park in the hitler assassination.
Usually, I’m not one to enjoy flash backs, but the stories of how Yael got her five wolfs was really interesting and one of my favourite parts of the novel!
However, despite this book having a really unique idea, it was not that captivating. I felt as though I could’ve put it down, left it for a while, and not thought much about it.
Despite that one criticism, I’m giving ‘Wolf by Wolf’ 4 out of 5 stars.

“They were the names she whispered in the dark.
These were the pieces she brought back into place.
These were the wolves she rode to war.”


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